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Sundara Manmatha Koti Prakaasha,Hare Sri Krishna
When i am about to die, the only forms that should appear b4 me should be that of the Lord (Krishna) with the beautiful flute kept on his lips , with the peacock plumes slantingly placed on his head and with the body as blue as bluestone
Swami Desikan in GopAla Vimshathi

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Are we doing any justice here??

If u happen to be a responsible father, how many times did u think about ur family today???

If u happen to be a young lad in love, how many times did u think about ur girl/boy friend today???

If u happen to be a bachelor like me, how many times did u think about the next best way to have fun ( watever be it) ?

If u happen to be anywhere far from ur parents , how often do u think about ur parents and how often do u get 2 communicate with them?

Now , raise ur voice if u don't frequent ur thoughts over them at least a few times !

I doubt there wud be any of u guys..

Now, am gonna ask u another question that will make u think more than just twice..:)

If u can think about all of them at least few times a day, how many times wud it be required to justify thinking about the reason for ur thinking and everything ?? U GOT IT..., am talking about the creator of all of 'em..

now, wait .,wait ,wait, b4 telling me that u do, in fact, think about him at least few times...think about y u think him for???

I would't be surprised to find quite a bunch of folks that only exchange signals of requests ,responses and a corresponding acknowledgement (depending upon how u r request was responded )

compare and contrast this with y u think about ur intimate ones..

am sure most of u wud be able to see the difference that we actually think about them coz

1. We are obsessed with the subject (due 2 their qualites)

2. We care for them.

and so, their shadows are visited by our thougts so often..we even pray god for their well-being..
Most of the time, we get a gud response to our prayers when the Karunamurthy (Supreme) showers prosperity ..

Having said all this , How many times do we have to think about the good qualities of the Lord and how many times should we have to praise him ( just like u praise ur wife when she pleases u or thank ur parents when they show u the right way when u are in need of advice) and how many time should we utter his Holy nama (name) (just like u keep repeating the name of the person u love)???

Wud Infinite suffice?????

I see somebody from the FBI /CBI raising a question ....Aye man,, My life is not so great as i want it to be..ave been facing one too many problems..How do u explain this ? ...

A Great Question that deserves to be answered.. Right now , i can think about 2 ways around it

1. If God satisfies the requests of all the people in this world most of the time, wud we ever get 2 realize his importance??? only if something fails 2 happen, we get 2 know about his importance and pray him not 2 bring back the problem. If everything happens fine, wat is the need for God???

2. Before asking a justification , ask urselves truly how many we think we have done or thought something bad?? and how many times we tolerate the troubles of ourfriends/spouse/children??

Forget about the troubles.. u can always blame the God ...But for all the good things that he has offered us, aren't we indebted to chant and think about him for our life time???????

i'll leave my thots right there for ur thougts to imbibe the essence of mine..:)

Also, get urselves geared for my next post on how all we can justify his dhaya showered on us..especially when getting trapped in this world of maaya , which acts like an anti-propellent in an accelerating space-craft...:)

Om tat sat

Comments on "Are we doing any justice here??"


Blogger Ganesh said ... (4:45 AM) : 


Very good post.
There is one thing called 'Constant Remembrance' in communion with almight all the time without a break.
'Imaipozhuthum Ennenjil Neengadhan Thaz Vazhga'
Through practise and costant remembrance it will come to us naturally just like breathing
Good post and thanks for visiting my blog, keep visiting :),I will do the same.


Blogger krishna said ... (10:54 AM) : 

Thnks Ganesh 4 ur complementing thots..

As u said,, it(constant remembrance) shuld come 2 us naturally as breathing..but only if one strives for it forgetting the impressions (good or bad) created by maaya on our minds, which are only subsidary.

As Water quenches the thirst of a thirsty person only , God will get closer only 2 a person that seeks him...

Y don't u post on similar lines of thought in ur blog??


Blogger Anand Ramamoorthy said ... (10:00 PM) : 

dear Krishna

nice post. people think of Narayana or any other form of divinity only when in trouble. this is why TIRUMANGAIAAZHVAAR SAYS

I'll translate that if you don't mind:
think of him when you sleep call out when in distress, it is even better if you call out when you are free of troubles, this is verily posion for our deep rooted karmas-NAARAYANA IS the divine name.


Blogger krishna said ... (11:11 PM) : 

dear anand..

Ur comments here in my posts are definitely adding incense..:)

i feel really great to have ur comments here.. definitely more self-less and beneficial when we call out his nama when we are free of troubles...

btw,,the english translation was helpful..:)


Blogger TJ said ... (5:29 AM) : 

The anushtana and Rituals are designed to have the God thing in the back of the mind always.
To understand and meditate the oneness of the universe as the Almighty needs a lot of concentration, which is possible normally once in a week.
Once we start concentrating on The One, asking-getting relationships would generally vanish.


Blogger krishna said ... (8:51 AM) : 


I guess this practise of concentrating on the Oneness is termed as Raja Yoga..the King of all the Yogas..

Nonetheless, as kasthuri has mentioned in his post, we also need to practise the other forms of Yoga that include Karma ,Bhakthi and Jnana Yogas'


Blogger Amazing said ... (9:52 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger thennavan said ... (11:15 AM) : 

There were two schools of philosophy. One that said you withdraw all senses from sense-objects and focus them inward. This was tough even to the enlightened. The other philosophy said there is an easier way. Focus the senses only on the supreme. Let your eyes see HIS image everywhere. Let your ears hear HIS nama. Let your nose smell the fragrance of the flowers and incense-sticks offered to HIM. Let your speech be of praises to HIM. Let your skin feel the "sparsham" as though HE touched you. I guess that is one of the easiest margas to attain HIM. Just my 2 cents :-)


Blogger krishna said ... (12:29 PM) : 

thnks thennavan for comin by my blogside..:)..mikka magizhchi.:)

as u clearly pointed out ..bhakthi marga is the easiest and the best way to end up in communion with Supreme..

but in order to actually attain that true self-less bhakthi , i guess one has to equip oneselves with "jnana" and also act one's life (karma) in such a way that we are clean by accumulating all good qualities.

IMHO,May be its like we have 2 make use jnana,karma and if possible Raja Yoga to attain that Bhakthi which will eventually lead us to Mukthi


Blogger Vinesh said ... (9:56 PM) : 

I'm sorry I won't be able to add to the discussion..
'Cos I don't subscribe to this line of thought..


Blogger krishna said ... (8:17 AM) : 

no problem dude..

u can be a spectator as well..:) or if u wish u may simply ignore...


Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said ... (4:48 PM) : 

Ellaam avan Seyal endru it would be good to put the blame on him and pray to him everday.

True, not many people would go to GOD, unless they want something.! If everything happens...the way we want it why GOD?

By the way...What is GOD? Who is he? Is it true that he takes care of you.? What harm did the innocents do be swallowed by the Tsunami? What about the Bombay floods? ....Tough questions!


Blogger Ram Viswanathan said ... (10:06 PM) : 


Good Post..

I like the theory of 'constant rememberance'... For me constant rememberance doesn't translate to 24 hour 'Namassmarana' or 'withdrawal of senses' etc., But it is the constant awareness that God is omniscient and omnipresent... This I believe will lead us in the path of 'right conduct'..

Narayanan raises some interestig questions.. which can be explained through the 'laws of karma'.. If we believe God is the greatest accountant of all.. then God must be keeping a good tab on our activities.. We all 'pay' depending on our bank balance..

I like this one from Apoorva Ragangal by Kannadasan
ஏன்னென்ற கேள்வியொன்று என்றைக்கும் தங்கும்
மனிதன் இன்ப துன்பம் எதிலும் கேள்வி தான் மிஞ்ஜும்


Blogger Anand Ramamoorthy said ... (10:15 PM) : 

with your permission,

Narayanan sir,
those questions are uncomfortable only to a dualist.
pain, fear, death, all these are for those who are in the state of body-centered consciousness. true I am not above everything but this is a fact.
ellaam avan seyal. indha idathhil seyal endru ennamo Narayanan indralavum utkaarndhu kondu ellavatraiyum nadathhuvadhai pondra sorkalai dayai koornthu prayogikka vendaam.
prapancham undaana kaalathil kaalaamum maayaaiyum serndhu seyya thodangiya velaikku Narayanan thanadhu samkalpathinal kaarananaagiraan.adhe nerathhil pattrattra avanukku indha kariyatthin kaarama taandhaan ehgira ennam iruppadhillai.
avan seigiraan.... anal avan edhaiyume seibhavan alla. idhai purindhu kondaal enakku mattumenippadi nadakkirathu pondra kelvigal ezhaadhu.
idhanaal ungal sandhegam teerndhadenraal mikka magizhchi.


Blogger krishna said ... (9:27 AM) : 

@ venkittu sir

On top of Anands' and rams' response for the questions raised by u.,let me add my own..:)

when u asked questions like "Wat is God?" , "Who is he?" etc, u were actually enquiring about his presence and his qualities just like a Jignasu that goes on enquiring and in the process gets 2 know the path to realize him eventually.....

For sure, physical science has not yet and will not answer those questions..If it could , then y would the greatest of the human minds like Einstein would say

"When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous"

One u know and realize that divine knowledge, questions like " y do people have 2 suffer and y shuld people die wudn't arise?"

btw, even if we know the answers to it, would we be able to stop those things from happening???

The knowldege about The Knowledge is the greatest first step in the path towards breaking this cycle of life and death..

Jnana Yoga written by Swami vivekananda is a truly awesome book on these lines of thots..

@ ram,

thnks a bunch 4 stepping in here

True it is we can't always keep thinkin about and keep ourselves totally immune to maaya..after all thats the final state we'd all like to achieve..

following similar lines of thots as urs,, I feel that every mortal should acquire the knowldge and try practising to the fullest extent all the three ways (of Jnana ,Bhakthi and Karma yoga ) to liberation.

btw, i liked ur quote from Kannadasan..


"avan seigiraan.... anal avan edhaiyume seibhavan alla"

guess that was the gist of ur wonderful explanation in tamizh..

Hats off 2 ur knowldge...


Blogger Anand Ramamoorthy said ... (11:26 PM) : 

Dear Krishna,

no posts yet? planning some major post? it's been almost a week!

Sarvam SriKrishnaarpanamasthu!


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