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Sundara Manmatha Koti Prakaasha,Hare Sri Krishna
When i am about to die, the only forms that should appear b4 me should be that of the Lord (Krishna) with the beautiful flute kept on his lips , with the peacock plumes slantingly placed on his head and with the body as blue as bluestone
Swami Desikan in GopAla Vimshathi

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Monday, January 16, 2006


Dear Friends

Due to different unavoidable reasons, I haven't been able to blog for good over a period of time. I don't know when i would be back to blog-o-sphere but I am hoping to get back in the near future (don't know when exaclty). Only HE knows.

I would like to convey my BIG thanks to all you fellow blggers,well-wishers and friends.

For all regular visitors of this blog, kindly drop in your email ids so that i can inform you guys whenever i resume blogging.

May the great Lord shower his blessings to y'll.

Sarvam sriraaamachandraarpanam

Comments on "BREAK"


Blogger Parvati said ... (9:10 PM) : 

Dear Krishna,
I was just a second back going to write an email to you asking you about your long silence here.


I have just now created all these links to my favourite blogs, and now you are going into hibernation. :(

Ok. Let me know when you do resume blogging. Till then, do well in your studies and everything else too!


Blogger bhattathiri said ... (6:26 PM) : 

One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita
is considered to be one of the first revelations from God. The
lessons in this holy book were brought in to light of the world by
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of India and proud son of Kerala, and Sri. Srila Prabhupada Swami and
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Chinmayanandaji preached and educated the people and Swami Sandeep
Chaitanyaji continuing the mission by keeping this lantern burning
knowing the wishes of the modern generations. Arjuna got mentally
when he saw his relatives with whom he has to fight.( Mental health has

become a major international public health concern now). To motivate
him the
Bhagavad Gita is preached in the battle field Kurukshetra by Lord
Krishna to
Arjuna as a counseling to do his duty while multitudes of men stood by
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Then life in the world can become a real education—dynamic, full
joyful—no matter what the circumstance. May the wisdom of loving

consciousness ever guide us on our journey? What makes the Holy Gita a
practical psychology of transformation is that it offers us the tools
connect with our deepest intangible essence and we must learn to
in the battle of life with right knowledge?. It shows us the path to
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reminds us time and again, that what the right action is.

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(disease etc), those caused by beings around one (e.g. wild animals,
etc.), and those caused by the gods (natural disasters, earth-quakes,

Mind can be one's friend or enemy. Mind is the cause for both bondage
liberation. The word mind is derived from man to think and the word man

derived from manu (sanskrit word for man).

"The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone's heart, O Arjuna, and is
directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a

machine, made of the material energy."

There is no theory to be internalized and applied in this psychology.
Ancient practices spontaneously induce what each person needs as the
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Bhagavad Gita is a message addressed to each and every human individual
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progressing towards a bright future. Within its eighteen chapters is
revealed a human drama. This is the experience of everyone in this
the drama of the ascent of man from a state of utter dejection, sorrow
total breakdown and hopelessness to a state of perfect understanding,
clarity, renewed strength and triumph.

"Freed from attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, and taking
refuge in
Me, purified by the penance of knowledge, many have attained union with
Being." (Gita 4:10)


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