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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

An Escape Into Nature

It was a lovely saturday morning with clear blue skies when I and my roomies' walked out of our stacked up apartment complex. Our destination..Sabine Wildlife Refuge ..
It was gonna be a 150 mile drive down to the Gulf Coast.

Little did we know (or shuld i say cared to know)abt wat's installed for us when we hit the un-interesting highway to Lake Charles ,a place pretty close to the park. All we wanted was a stress-relieving escape from our daily modus operandi.

As we took LA-27 from Lake Charles and drove like 15 mins from there, we got totally impressed by the country side and the swamps. All of a sudden, the ruthless humdrum of our ride was kicked-off.

I was wondering wat was so different abt the place that made it so pleasing. It was partly because of the absence of any sort of a man-made object. No billboards, no buildings ,very few people,nothing except grasslands, swamps ,flora ,fauna and nature untouched.

Well,,we were already having fun..but there was more to come...We reached Sabine arnd mid-morning.Let me try and put in words the aura of the place..In the center of grass lands and swamps there stood the reserves' office girded by lovely trees that were adorned by Spanish mosses as they hung 5 feet from the branches.

Disappointment Amidst Euphoria

The fauna of the place was a huge disappointment. The place is supposed to be an alligator alley with lots of different kinds of birds. We hoped to see at least a few of 'em as we started the 1.5 mile nature trail but to our ill-luck they preferred to stay away from the hot sun (and from us) that was already taking the mercury up. We managed to spot a baby alligator deep underneath a shrub in the swamp and the mundane Red-Winged Black birds' that seemed to be following us all the way thru' the trail..:(

Towards Blue Waters..

Yeah,,we decided to head towards a beach called as the Rutherford Beach which is like
25 miles from Sabine.From our past knowledge and from the comments of a couple that walked along with us in Sabines' nature trail, we concluded that most beaches in Louisiana are atypical and they shuld SUCK. But hey,,who cares man least for the sake of adventure and for getting to see the blue waves of the ocean, we decided to head towards the gulf.

We had to wait for another irksome half-hour b4 we are let into a barge that would get us us and our car to the other side of the Calcasieu lake that flushes into the Gulf. Apparently disgusted by the setback, I decided to take a walk around. I spotted a cow with horns turned up.Time to take a picture.

Nothing would stop us now from hitting the beach after that and It was not so long b4 that .We got all set to have some Hydrofun but we were thwarted 'gain by a billboard that had an advisory for swimming ,owing to the increasing amounts of bacteria.As we walked over the beach sand, there was even more disappointment..this time not failing to get any worser.The waters were devoid of any blue.In fact, they were murky.We would'nt hang arnd there for long b4 we head back home.

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Finally, we would reach bak home after passing thru a heavy thunderstorm.The trip ,tho' lacking much excitement in the latter half was nonetheless relaxing and rejuvenating to our minds

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