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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Discovering the OpenSource Beauty

Note: This blog is a bit lengthy and I request ur patience to read this.

Today I did a really wonderful thing or I should say I was tempted to do it.

On my way back to work after having my lunch on a calm afternoon, I thought it would be great if I spent some time in solitude . So, instead of habitually walking pass the lobby and pressing the elevator button to reach my workplace(something that I do zillion times a day), I stopped by the entrance of the lobby and I sat down in one of the wooden benches laid over a raised platform, amidst the trees and right beside the building.

In a few minutes , I was witnessing the beauty of a totally different world, a world that knows nothing about what is happening around it. It knows nothing about wat we(humans) are doing in this world and in fact it is totally nescient:) . It just stays right there and does its job ..the job of standing still and sheltering many other worlds that are not just the same as it is but abuzz with seemingly incessant activity.

As u might have already guessed, I was talking about a mundane tree,something that might get the least attention among students of my age (for that matter, anybody) including myself 'till now . We'd rather prefer ogling at gurlz ( am talkin abt apologies for being a bit gender sepecific) which, of course ,isn't something supernatural. Probably its because of the absence of them around the campus (as it is spring break .Thanks to their paucity),my attention got redirected to this tree,which ,by then would have felt proud if it had senses that someone is admiring its beauty.

so,,wat was so beautiful about the tree?

1. Firstly, the tree ,by its virtue, was magnificent. It was a giant tree with many branches covered by some sort of a tree climber.

2. As it was a bright afternoon, the tree was shimmering with the glaze of sunlight gracefully descending from the sky.

3. The leaves of the tree were tango-ing around whenever they heard the music of an occasional breeze.

4. Different kinds of birds were making melodic tones as they were hovering around the trees without any protocol defined for them to abide to ( unlike us).

Like this , I can keep on narrating the elegant and subtle beauties as I see them.

At this point, u might me tempted to ask ,"Hang on dude..So, wat are u trying to tell us here??Everybody spends time with nature but its simply because u were jobless and u had time u were able to enjoy it. "

It is very true that we like to hang around in parks and lakes whenever we find time. But do we really enjoy the beauty??? May be some of u guys really do but am pretty sure that there may also be a lot of folks that don't. Going to parks is one thing and really enjoying its beauty is a whole 'nother thing but from my experience today, I really don't find a necessity for us to go to parks and enjoy nature.Nature's beauty is boundless.Its Open Source. So, let's try to find ourselves out of the mundane work we do and get 2 enjoy this timeless beauty whenever possible and not restrict ourselves to hanging arnd in parks ,beaches and bla bla bla

As a final note b4 I quit, this experience of mine triggered some baffling thing in me,something that I'd like to conceal 'till my next few posts for I have already stretched out this blog and because I am on the look out for answers b4 I can write about it.

Also,I am open to both constructive and destructive criticisms from u guys.Please do leave a comment about it below.

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Blogger Senthil Kumar said ... (2:09 AM) : 

Awesome site.
It looks pretty cool and contents also good


Blogger krishna said ... (9:29 AM) : 

thnks dude .

I will be more interested in the "post-specific" of u guys.



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