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Sundara Manmatha Koti Prakaasha,Hare Sri Krishna
When i am about to die, the only forms that should appear b4 me should be that of the Lord (Krishna) with the beautiful flute kept on his lips , with the peacock plumes slantingly placed on his head and with the body as blue as bluestone
Swami Desikan in GopAla Vimshathi

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Call to Gen-X

"Wat do we seek out of this life on Earth?" much more philosophical can a question get? ..despite being aware that such a query will fend off many of the generation X from reading any further, I intend to investigate it hoping that some of u curious folks would reckon such an attempt to be rational.

Simply put, we all seek Peace of mind. So, what is this "Peace of Mind" and How does it influence the way we live our lives?

Am gonna TRY and keep things crisp and clean here. So. Cringe not..and keep reading...:)

At any given point, our mind desires something (can be just about anything) and if we are skilled enuf to meet to its requirement ,we are pacified ,else, we continue our quest to conquer wat it wants. We are not totally certain about the results but we continue our quest hoping that the day will come..Note that this is a continual process.Orite,When does this search end?.. It happens , when we are totally fed up with life ,when we wud seek nothing but everlasting sleep or when we get 2 realize that certain things are pre-destined and are not meant for us (based on our karma) but as humans bound by our actions, the thirst for acquiring it would still remain buried deep inside continuing to bother us in some faintest way or other,which essentially means lack of piece in mind .

Having said that, It's absolutely sane to think that no one cannot always have peace of mind in this world .Of course, we are not meant to have it always as humans. I know,I know,,u ask me.."y are u telling us sumthin that's been preached ova and ova by countless people?"

Oh yeah..despite being preached relentlessly, have we learn't our lessons? We try our best in every possible way from attaining peace by making ourselves slaves of desires.Is there sumthin' that can be done abt it? Yes, there are extremely complex work arounds provided by the vedic scriptures that basically center around realizing (not just the knowledge) the self or the Brahman ,which is more than a gargantuan quest not easily accessible to a normal human but to people who transform themselves to perfect yogis by constantly seeking the true self.

Coming to point,the path to peace of mind (Real Peace of mind) is multifolded

1. Knowledge about it.

2. Preparing ourselves for it by fine-tuning(purifying) our current nature by installing devotion for God in us ,if it is absent, and asking him to show us the right way to reach the Self(or peace of mind or God). This is like asking your teacher about how to become as good as himself or a better person than him.

3. Putting in efforts to reach the pinnacle of the realization and attainment of self (Mukthi or incessant peace of mind).

Of the three phases ,only the last step is really that difficult ..but in order to reach the peak of the mountain of life ,u need to first hit its base camp.

I am often dumbfound by the extent to which the current generation is ignorant about this very knowledge.Practicising Spirituality is something that is on a different and higher plane than just knowing spirituality.

So, my fellow young minds, it is high time we realize the importance of hitting base camp at least before we grow old when we will have hoards of idle time to achieve the real elusive goal. Please note that this wouldn't give u the title of a "Spiritual Person" or a yogi.

So,let's march forward in our quest by seeking to know about it,believe it,trust it and by choosing to perform noble-actions in order to purify ourselves.Compassion for fellow beings (including animals )and helping the needy ones are two such noble actions.

so, the bottom line is , "Let us not befool ourselves by preferring not to know about what is really happening around us and let the world take on over us"

As a final note,Let us always remember the mahavakya from the Upanishads ,"Aham Bramasmi" ( I am the Brahman) and seek to become that true form of ours,a form that has got peace writen all over it.

bloggin out


Comments on "A Call to Gen-X"


Blogger Sandhya Ramachandran said ... (11:17 AM) : 

According to me, spirituality is just to look around you,see goodness and joy and spread them around you. I get spiritual satisfaction when I raise my hands heavenwards and take in a deep breath... when i walk allalone under a starlit,moonlit sky in my terrace... when i write, when i read... I guess to each, his own way to attain peace of mind. Nice blog... Love your blog title- Aham Brahmasmi- reminds me of one of my favourite songs from Kisna!


Blogger krishna said ... (10:46 PM) : 

Thnks sandhya for visting and leaving this blog with traces of ur spiritual perspective .

As u pointed out ,everybody can operate on their own ways to attain peace... but for how long??? How can we attain everlasting peace is the real task at hand

I am not denying the fact that by "looking arround and finding goodness" ,it is possible to remain in peace but unfortunately it is really tough to find good in every thing u see and if u are able to do it,u have already gotten the Infinite Peace

One interesting point is that we tend to feel happy and peaceful when we look at the sky ,the stars, trees,flowers.Y so?? may be 'coz they are infinite(at least seemingly). There is a story from the upanishads that says that the key to happiness is knowledge about the infinite and defines infinte as something that lasts forever.Of course,the infinite being talked about there is different.

This link
will tell u more

thanks 'gain for commin'



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